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About Regions

There are presently 15 regions on mainland Great Britain and one further region representing English speaking Continental Europe. Regional officers represent the same service disciplines as intergroups and provide a forum for discussion, exchange of information/best practice and an opportunity for initiatives which carry AA's message over a larger geographical area.

South West Region Assembly 
S.W.Reg meets in Exeter at The Sacred Heart Parish Pastoral Centre, Cardinal Newman House, Wonford Road, Exeter EX2 4PF on the first Sunday of March, June, September and December.

The Regional Year

The March meeting includes "Pre-conference" at which any member of Alcoholics Anonymous in south west England can come along and convey their views concerning the "Questions to Conference" to the delegates who will be attending the conference that year. Questions to Conference are published in early December and the conference takes place in York in April.
The June meeting includes "Post-conference" at which each of the six delegates give a verbal report covering the discussions they had and the way they voted at each session. Region doesn't discuss the decisions or recommendations arrived at by Conference, but they do ratify (or not) the delegates for attendance at conference the following year.
The September meeting is the one at which service workshops take place for an hour before the scheduled Regional Assembly.
The December meeting includes an Annual General Meeting during which the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice-chair are ratified (or not).



The Purpose of this Website

The purpose of this website is to support Regional Business and to promote dialogue between members.
For the avoidance of doubt, this site does not deal with the AA recovery program.
Please do all you can to protect the site security and the confidential nature of the information including your password. Respect the spirit of the 'Yellow Card'!
Within the site you will have access to the following:
Regional and Intergroup News Boards where we can post news articles, announcements, vacancies etc.

The South West Region Document repository where documents can be uploaded, held and accessed securely. (Replaces the AA old file store)
What is the site for?

This site has been created by South West Region, to support the information needs of the Region. Primarily the site will support easy upload, storage and retrieval of documents, information sharing and discussion amongst the widely distributed members of our region.

What types of content does the site support?

To achieve these goals the site has a number of content types:
Announcements. e.g: To announce the date and time of the Next Regional Assembly etc

Bulletins or news are posted or to the site using Bulletin Tab'.

The Document Type which allows the upload and description of regional working papers such as Agendas, Reports, Minutes etc. via the 'Douments' tab
These will be held in PDF format as this is readable by all devices.
Who can log in?
At the present time, logins will be provided to Regional Officers and Intergroup Reps. Logins will be relinquished at the conclusion of the service period. Passwords and emails will then be updated as required.
Who Manages the Site and the Content?

The Regional ECLO and Ecomm subcommittee will manage the site and site pages.
The Regional Community of Users will be responsible for the contribution of Articles, Documents etc.


Need any help? Send a request via the 'RECLO' .



Forthcoming SW Region Events








Pre-conference Meeting - Sunday 28th February - 10am to 1pm on Zoom (join from 9.30am)


Please contact for Zoom log in details


Please see the attached document for details of how to navigate each Committee Room during the meeting in Zoom : Joining and navigating each of the Committee rooms in the Zoom meeting.docx or Joining and navigating each of the Committee rooms in the Zoom meeting.pdf




160th SW Region Assembly - Sunday 7th March - 11am to 2pm on Zoom (join from 10.30am)


Please contact for Zoom log in details


Observers and visitors are welcome but may not participate unless invited by the Chair to do so.