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Dear All

Following discussion, Nick R, our Region Chair, has asked me to let you all know that the SW Region Assembly is cancelled for this Sunday 4th March. Nick feels that no one should be putting themselves at risk in getting to Exeter and the weather conditions are variable all across the region. Our Channel Islands friends can't get here anyway as the flights have been cancelled.

This will of course affect the Pre-Conference Questions Forum. I will go to Cardinal Newman House at 9.30am on Sunday and wait there for an hour in case anyone turns up for this. Meanwhile, please spread the word to anyone who you know is intending to come.

We will transfer the business over to the next meeting on Sunday 3rd June and vote for proposed officers at that time. If anyone has queries as a result of the cancellation of Sunday's meeting, please email Nick or me and we will try to resolve.

Lastly, as everyone seems to be saying at the moment, Stay Safe and Keep Warm!
Yours in fellowship
Lisella W
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